Is Freelance Writing the Right Career for You?

Is Freelance Writing the Right Career for You?

Is Freelance Writing the Right Career for You?
Is Freelance Writing the Right Career for You?

So, you are thinking about becoming a freelance writer? When you first start out, it is more than a life without a boss to report to, a time clock you no longer have to punch, or working wherever and whenever you want. Freelance writing is not for the faint of heart. It takes hard work, dedication, persistence, and the ability to self-manage your time and tasks.

But don’t let me scare you away from your dream of writing. Freelance writing offers you the opportunity to make money working part time to pay off some debts, full time to make a decent living, or something in-between to afford you the extras in life.

Just the Facts

Did you know that the average pay for established freelance writers is $28.50? If you work 40 hours a week, every day of the year that is roughly a $60,000 annual salary. The salary goes even higher for skilled bloggers and technical writers that are able to create SEO quality materials for specific niche markets.

A Freelance writer has many career options and can branch out into several different career paths including:

  • Copywriter
  • Skilled (Niche) Blogger
  • Editor/Managing Editor
  • Technical Writer
  • Marketing/Sales Manager
  • Creative Director
  • Editorial Director

What it Takes

Are you tired of the lack of creativity in your current job? What about the mundane 9 to 5 routine and boring work?  For me, add in a job that is not well-paid and you have my current working situation.  Freelance writing opportunities can open the door to a fulfilling career of stringing words together like music and outputting quality work with solid information that consumers want.

If you were to look at the typical job description and tasks for a freelance writer, you might see the same theme of buzz words:

  • Strong drive
  • Solid organizational and time management skills
  • Flair for words and the ability to pitch stories
  • Must be able to write books, create/update websites, develop brochures and scripts, and conduct research
  • Must have the skill to promote (advertise) and distribute (market) written and electronic materials
  • Has the ability to conceptualize books, stories, brochures, manuals, and website content

The typical skill set of a freelance writer includes:

  • The ability to spell. If you can’t spell, then invest in a great dictionary and utilize an effective spelling-checking tool on your computer.
  • Know the rules of grammar and follow them. If you aren’t sure when to use punctuation or when to start a new sentence, you might want to take a college course in grammar. Also, consider installing a free application such as Grammarly on your computer.
  • Must have the ability to write well. If you can’t write well, take a college course, free online course, or start off with a blog to learn how to craft well-written and clear content.
  • Make sure you can proofread your work. Your grammar and spell-check software can only do so much. Make sure you know how to spot errors, fix them, and create the best-finished product.
  • You must know how to research and fact check your information. Before you quote a source, hit post on your blog, or submit a project to your customer, you must always make sure that you have thoroughly researched your topic, cited your sources, and have factual proof for any claims that you make.
  • Know how to market yourself. Freelance writing is one field that requires you to not be modest about your work and abilities. You need to be able to sell yourself and market your talents.
  • Have the ability to communicate both written and verbally. Freelancing requires you to be able to send pitch letters to potential clients, communicate with editors and/or other writers, and have verbal/written interactions with clients about current projects and stories.

If everything you read seems like the dream job,  then freelance writing is the right career path for you!


6 thoughts on “Is Freelance Writing the Right Career for You?

  1. Thank you, Jennifer! After compiling the information for the article, I realized that each point really generated with me. This helped me to realize that my dream of becoming a freelance writer is just truly what is in the cards for me.

  2. I work with a lot of clients who are tired of their jobs and are ready for something new – and lots of them dream of doing something creative like becoming a freelance writer. This is great info that can help them do that!


  3. April, I have a month’s worth of posts that you will start seeing here on the blog which will discuss different types of freelance work, virtual assistant work, and even direct sales. I hope you will stop by again and see if any of the information I post validates your decision to go into freelancing or even helps you move into a similar direction.

  4. Thank you, Jessica! The goal of my website/blog is to help others that are trying to decide what direction to take creatively in the writing field and even sales. I hope to post a great deal more on the topic and also share my journey into my new career.

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